ZenDev Consulting Group LLC

Between us we have decades of geospatial, data acquisition, system integration, and provider networks optimization experience.   This experience comes from working with clients in the Healthcare,  Utilities,  Environmental Management,  and Agricultural sectors to build robust solutions that have as their foundation accurate and reliable data.

We can be called on to integrate your disparate data systems, build analytic and reporting solutions,  design end to end web and windows applications and work with you to bring stability, predictability, and sanity to one of your most valuable assets - data.

““It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett” (Arthur Conan Doyle).

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran,

"If you going to speak to me in standard deviations,  of box whiskers, lakes, star schemas,  predictive analytics,  scatter plots,  data visualization  -  I am going to ask you one question.  Tell me about the quality of your data?   Because these days,  bad data means bad decisions, bad care, and bad health.  And that son, that is bad medicine. "  -   Dr. Donald Henderson - eradicator of Small Pox

Client Accolades

"The work that ZenDev Group is completing with the geographical mapping and display of health care data promises to significantly reduce the compliance burden on plans,  engage the consumer,  benefit providers and serve as the coordination hub for our Health Homes program" 

-  Vice President - Network Operations

"After working with Dylan for the last six  months, and seeing how the team is rallying behind his guidance, processes, and expertise, I’d like to communicate that I think his time with ProStar is profoundly effective – and we will need to continue to utilize him.  He truly is acting as a CTO should act: Guiding the team on all things towards getting work done, even being willing to roll up his sleeves and dig in when necessary." 

~ Vice President - Quality Assurance

"ZenDev Group filled a critical gap during a transitional period for our organization.   Dylan and his team automated several reports, served as our liaison with third party software vendors, and facilitated the identification and hiring of staff.   We continue to rely on ZenDev Group for our ongoing data acquisition, analysis, and reporting needs.” 

- Private Non Profit Medical Management Organization, Monterey County, California

"We had a difficult use case with many technical challenges.  ZenDev was able to provide a service based framework that will underpin our mobile, web, and windows development.”  

- Vice President Information Technology